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Hi there! I Just made an old school Dungeon Crawler RPG!
You can play it right here on newgrounds for free!

I Hope you will give me feedback and Ideas for new Monsters! :D
The Game World isn't Linear. I was playing a game like this before when
I was around 10.
I wanted to re-create a kind of my Experience I Had with that game :)
I Hope you will enjoy!

To go to the Indiegogo Site: atformer-rpg/x/1679443

To go to the Original Game Site:

The Indiegogo Campaign is now Live! I've been hardly working on this game and I Need Help from you!
Want to know more about the game?
You are a guy named Dave that can summon Special Golden Statues and teleport to them. you only have 3 Lives. When you Lose all of your Lives you will have to restart the whole game. Why we wanted to make a Lives System is because it will make the game much, much, much harder! We don't want our game to be easy as the mainstream games in the market. Games there are too easy because you can just die Millions of times but you will still be able to continue from the last checkpoint.

There is also a Credits system for the game that allows the player to buy Lives and Hats. We added the credits system to make the player happier when they complete a Quest. Without the credits system, the game would be too boring because then, there should be nothing to Achieve when completing a Quest.

The Questing system is very unique on this game. You will get a description from the Quest Givers, Nothing more. There is no markers in the game so the player will have to read the description very carefully before going for the Quest. Meanwhile you're doing your Quest. You will see that there is a Puzzle and you need to solve it.


About this Game

Hello and welcome to the Social MMORPG! Meet Square! You do Quests, Get Jobs!

You will be able to do Quest and get help from your Friends! This Game is still In-dev but more info about the game will come! Share to your Friends about this game and play with your Friends! This Game is really fun if you know it!

You can do Housing too! Own your own Hotel room and have fun! You can buy massive of different Hotel rooms! but they are Really Expensive! Watch out!

This game will have a Epic story!

You bored? Play Minigames and try to beat your Highscore! Really Enjoyable!


Instant Player:

Instant player plays Normaly this game. but Some features does not Include! Instant players Name is not Secured by a Password! Everything will be Saved Locally
Play Normaly this Game!
Buy Hats!
Buy Accessories!
Play Quests (Story!)


Membership are Players that can do more Features in the Game than Instant Player! Membership Players will have a Golden "M" Beside their Name!
More Features!
All Quests!
Hats to buy!
More Jobs!

Secured Membership:

Secured Membership Players Plays will all Features in the Game! Everytime When a new update comes. SM (Secured Membership) will be able to do all the Features in the New Update!

all Features!
All Quests!
More Hats to buy!
More Jobs!
Friends list! (Future Content)

What We Need & What You Get

Everytime you Contribute to us. You will get a Special Prize! There is a List on the Perks on the Left!

Here are Stuff we need and why we need 4000$:
1000$ - 10 Dedicated Server to have 10 Servers open!
1000$ - A Laptop, I need it to work on when i am on Vacation :)

What Difference will my Funds do?

Your Fund will be meant alot to us! Your funds Help us to make our Servers open! It will be very good if you could help :)

Are there any Other way i can Help?

Yes! you can Even try to Share it on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and all other Social Webpages, Apps. 518

Click on this link and Help us Contribute!

Hi! we're now making a Game that is a 3D MMORPG Sci-Fi.

We need some funds to Finish Our Game! Support and donate to us!

PM me for any tutorials!

2012-06-20 10:21:59 by TheeCoffee

Now i am making tutorials to you guys! PM me anything and i will try to make a Tutorial for you!
I would be happy if you could Subscribe on my Youtube Channel! :D

Don't Remember this :D

Oh, Hi there! My Name is Yohan and i need Good BETA Testers to Test Box Adventures! If you don't know what it is. I will Explain What you do on Box Adventures. You are a Blue Cube that is going to Stop the Sphere/Cylinder World and save the Box World! You Play in Many Different Places! Figure out how to Escape from a Place or Run for your Life Before a Sphere Catches you! This is a Very Frustrating Game! It's Right now 5% Done But you can Still play it :)

If you wanna be A BETA Tester. You need:

- Skype
- PC Computer or a MAC (No LINUX!)

Contact "" if you wanna be a Beta Tester!

Oh hi there! i've been started with a New Game Project Called Box Adventures!
It is a fun project that makes i can't stop to Script the Game!
I like to Create Games and I Hope it will be better to the End of the Game! I MUST Have Luck!

If you have any Questions. Send a Email "".

Dev Pic:

Box Adventures! - New INDEV Platform Game!


2012-03-08 06:19:00 by TheeCoffee

OK Hi guys. It's me. I Have boring news and i don't know what i shall do On simple Quest RIGHT NOW! :OOO

So here is the Thing. Make a Idea and PM me to "" And i would be very happy to see
Your Submissions! Thanks!

- Yohan :)

I've now updated Simple Quest like... Ehhh Everyday. and now i am going to have a pause from Developing and do something other like. you know... Or nah. Who cares. I am going to start to dev after 2 Weeks. And soon as i want to Release A BIG Update! Enjoy Simple Quest!

Any Questions? Send a Question to ""

- Yohan