Dave - Puzzle Platformer RPG, Campaign Is Live!

2013-06-24 03:57:32 by TheeCoffee

To go to the Indiegogo Site:
http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dave-puzzle-pl atformer-rpg/x/1679443

To go to the Original Game Site:

The Indiegogo Campaign is now Live! I've been hardly working on this game and I Need Help from you!
Want to know more about the game?
You are a guy named Dave that can summon Special Golden Statues and teleport to them. you only have 3 Lives. When you Lose all of your Lives you will have to restart the whole game. Why we wanted to make a Lives System is because it will make the game much, much, much harder! We don't want our game to be easy as the mainstream games in the market. Games there are too easy because you can just die Millions of times but you will still be able to continue from the last checkpoint.

There is also a Credits system for the game that allows the player to buy Lives and Hats. We added the credits system to make the player happier when they complete a Quest. Without the credits system, the game would be too boring because then, there should be nothing to Achieve when completing a Quest.

The Questing system is very unique on this game. You will get a description from the Quest Givers, Nothing more. There is no markers in the game so the player will have to read the description very carefully before going for the Quest. Meanwhile you're doing your Quest. You will see that there is a Puzzle and you need to solve it.


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